Introducing Lenny’s Philly Cheese Dog: The Ultimate Summertime Treat!

Hey foodies and hot dog enthusiasts, gather ’round! Lenny’s Grill & Subs is rolling out the red carpet for a brand-new, mouth-watering creation that’s going to elevate your summer snacking game to legendary status. Drumroll, please… Introducing the Lenny’s Philly Cheese Dog!

Imagine this: a 12-inch grilled all-beef hot dog, sizzling to perfection, snuggled up with creamy American cheese. But wait, there’s more! This bad boy is crowned with our signature Philly meat, juicy grilled onions, and a generous drizzle of Cheez Whiz, all lovingly tucked into a 7.5-inch fresh-baked roll. It’s like your favorite hot dog and a classic Philly cheesesteak had the most delicious baby ever.

Why You Need to Try It

Let’s face it, summer is the perfect time for indulging in comfort foods, and the Lenny’s Philly Cheese Dog hits all the right notes. Whether you’re hitting the beach, hanging out at a backyard BBQ, or just chilling with friends, this hot dog is the perfect companion. It’s got the savory, cheesy goodness to satisfy your cravings and the hearty, meaty punch to keep you fueled for all your summer adventures.

Limited Time Only

But here’s the catch: this delectable delight is available for a limited time only, from June 10 to August 4, 2024. That’s right, folks, you have less than two months to get your hands on this summertime marvel. So, don’t wait until it’s too late! Mark your calendars, set your alarms, do whatever you need to do to make sure you don’t miss out.

Get Ready to Savor the Flavor

Head over to your nearest Lenny’s Grill & Subs and take a bite out of summer with the Lenny’s Philly Cheese Dog. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you. And while you’re there, why not pair it with some of our other fan favorites? From fresh subs to crispy fries, we’ve got everything you need to make your meal complete.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, family, and anyone who loves a good food adventure, and dive into the deliciousness that is the Lenny’s Philly Cheese Dog. It’s not just a hot dog; it’s a summer experience you won’t forget!

Savor the Summer Lineup

This summer, Lenny’s Grill & Subs isn’t just stopping at this mouth-watering Philly Cheese Dog. Check out the new “Savor the Summer” lineup, featuring the classic Hot Dog, the all-time favorite; the refreshing and fruity Watermelon Lemonade; the sweet and salty Peanut Butta’ Crisp; and the Snackable Dog, perfect for those mid-day snack cravings. Each of these new items brings a unique flavor to the table, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy this summer.