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We want to reward you for your loyalty to Lenny's Sub Shop with Substantial Rewards! Just make 9 qualifying purchases to earn a regular size sub absolutely FREE! Check out these other great benefits too!

To activate your Substantial Rewards Card and start earning points, please enter the information below and click "Submit." After you complete your card registration on this page, the card can be used to apply reward points in the restaurant the very next day.

If you do not have a Substantial Rewards Card, visit any participating Lenny's Sub Shop location and ask for yours today!

Start Earning Points Today!

Earn one point for every qualifying purchase. When you earn nine points,
your next regular sub is FREE!
  • Regular Size Sub = 1 point
  • Wraps = 1 point
  • Kaiser Sandwich = 1 point
  • 5 Inch Sub = 1 point
  • Salad = 1 point
  • Kid's Meal = 1 point
  • Large Size Sub = 2 points
  • Catering purchases do not apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin using my Substantial Rewards Card?
After you complete your card registration on this page, the card can be used to apply reward points in the restaurant the very next day.

What kind of email communications will I receive from Lenny's if I opt in?
Lenny's will send you a welcome email that will include a money saving offer and notification that you have earned your first reward point just by registering the card at And best of all, you will receive a coupon for a FREE SUB on your birthday! We will also send you other great offers periodically. But rest assured that we will not flood your inbox with tons of emails.

How do I redeem my free sub?
When your Substantial Rewards Card is swiped, the computer will recognize that you have earned a free sub reward. The crew member at the cash register will ask you if you want to redeem that reward today. You can choose any regular size sub, Kaiser combo or salad on the menu when redeeming your free sub reward.
Note: You do not have to redeem the reward immediately. There is no limit to how many rewards you can earn and there is no expiration date on the rewards.

Can I use multiple rewards in one transaction?
As with all Lenny's discounts, the free sub rewards can only be redeemed in one transaction at a time. Similarly, any other discount type may not be used in the same transaction as a free sub reward.

How can I check my balance of reward points?
When you use your Substantial Rewards Card, your point balance and reward balance will print at the bottom of the ticket. Also, a Lenny's crew member can check the balance on your card just by swiping it at the register.

Will I earn a point for a sub even if I used a coupon to purchase it?
The only time you will not earn a point for a qualifying purchase is if you use a coupon that makes that item less than 50% of its original value. You will earn a point for qualifying purchases that you use a coupon with if it requires you to contribute at least 50% of the original value toward that purchase. For example, if you use a "Buy One Regular Sub Get One Regular Sub Free" coupon or a "Buy One Regular Sub Get One Regular Sub For $1.00" coupon, you will only receive one point from the purchase. If you use a "Buy One Regular Sub Get One Regular Sub Half Off" coupon then you will receive 2 points.

What if I forget my card?
If you forget your card, you can give the Lenny's crew member at the register the phone number you provided when you registered your current Substantial Rewards Card (area code + 7 digits). This number is linked to your Substantial Rewards Card number for this purpose.

What if I lose my card?
If you lose your card just stop by any Lenny's Sub Shop location and pick up a new card. Send an email with your information to our marketing department asking for your points to be forwarded to your new card. (

How do I update my information?
To update your information simply visit the update form and enter your information with your existing rewards card number.

Terms and Conditions

The Substantial Rewards program is valid at all Lenny's Sub Shop® locations. The card and the points accumulated on the card do not hold a cash value. The card is nontransferable and can only be used by the person to which it is registered. Lenny's reserves the right to change the program methodology, redemption value and operational execution at any time up to and including limiting the validity of points over time and their expiration date and cancelling the program in its entirety. Must be 13 years or older to participate. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Substantial Rewards Program.


The data gathered from your use of the Substantial Rewards Card is used solely by Lenny's Franchise Systems, LLC to provide loyal guests with special rewards and to provide mailings and coupons in accordance with ordering habits. Lenny's Franchise Systems, LLC recognizes that privacy is very important to our guests and we pledge to protect the security and privacy of any personal information guests provide to us. We respect your privacy and will never rent or sell your information. Must be 13 years or older to participate.
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