Global Adventurers

Global Adventurers
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The fun begins at Lenny’s with Li’l Lenny and the Global Adventurers! Each kid's meal comes with one of our mouth-watering subs, your choice of chips and a drink, all packaged into an exciting adventure with the Global Adventurers. Ready for mystery and adventure, this team is sure to get to the bottom of every silly situation! Crazy tides, choppy waters and tons of fun are all in a day’s work for these kids!

Li’l Lenny

Li’l Lenny is the crew leader of the Global Adventurers. He is known for his love of underwater adventures and club subs. Li’l Lenny may get the adventurers into crazy situations, but as a good leader, he always finds a way out!

Sally Science

Sally Science is one smart cookie! Give her a puzzle, a few clues, and it’s a mystery no more! Sally Science is up for the challenges the adventurers encounter. She is always one step ahead.

Freddie Fix-It

Freddie Fix-It is the go-to robot for anything that needs a fixin.’ Freddie may be made of metal, but he has a heart of gold. He’s even allergic to Curious, but they are such good friends he doesn’t mind sneezing sometimes. He’s the best robot anyone could have on their team!

Curious the Cat

Curious the Cat is the Global Adventurers’ favorite sidekick! Curious is everyone’s best friend and is always there for his buddies. He is very helpful to Sally when looking for clues because he gets into everything – silly cat! This is one cat with more than nine lives.