LENNYS community Fundraising Events terms and conditions

This service may allow you to schedule an event(s) at a Lennys Subs or Lennys Grill & Subs location. You must submit accurate information and your event must be appropriate for a family-friendly environment.

Fundraising event requests are not guaranteed unless submitting organization (if accepted, "Organization") receives a confirmation email from Lennys or a participating franchisee of Lennys accepting the request. If a fundraising event is approved, the date and time approved (the "Event") will be referenced in the approval email, and the following terms and conditions apply:

If the approved location for your Event is a franchised location, you will deal directly with the participating franchisee for the approved Lennys location for all aspects of the Event.

All scheduled events are subject to cancellation by Lennys and/or its participating franchisee for the approved location, at their discretion.

You will be provided with one electronic version of the Event fundraising flyer (the "Flyer") to the Organization for copying and distribution by the Organization as described below. The Flyer artwork, excluding the organization name and logo, is owned by Lenny’s Franchise Systems, LLC or its affiliates and may be used by Organization only as described in these terms and conditions;

Lennys or its participating franchisee, as applicable, will donate to the Organization 20% of sales for 10-40 participants or 25% of sales if the organization has 41 or more participants during the Event where a Flyer is presented at the time of purchase. For online orders, where available, a code will be provided by Lennys for guests to use when placing eligible orders during the Event. A minimum of 10 participants must make a purchase which will include any eligible online orders*, to guarantee a donation. A participant is counted by entree items purchased with use of the organization code during the hours of the event.

Lenny's Franchise Systems, LLC or its participating franchisee for the specific Lennys location, as applicable, will mail a check to Organization for the total donation amount approximately 30 days following Event.

In connection with the Event, the Organization may use the name and logo of Lennys Subs or Lennys Grill & Subs, as applicable, only to promote and otherwise factually describe the Event; provided, however, that the Organization may not issue a press release to local media promoting the Event, without prior written approval of Lennys.

The Organization will make copies of the Flyer at its own expense. All other advertising costs related to the Event incurred by the Organization are also the responsibility of the Organization.

*Lennys is not responsible for any technical issues related to tracking any eligible online orders. If Organization believes that an eligible, online order was not included in the donation calculation, Organization must provide a copy of the receipt(s) for the completed online transactions within five (5) business days of its receipt of the donation.
September 2017