Real Estate

Ideal Lenny's Locations


The ideal site is located within close proximity of medical facilities, office and industrial parks, as well as large universities or government buildings. We look for sites that can support both catering opportunities and a strong lunch business. Lenny's likes to locate in "Restaurant Districts"-where people point their car when they head out for lunch.


You should look for locations that have a daytime population and a residential population of at least 8,000 people in a one-mile radius. Furthermore, immediate traffic counts should exceed 20,000 cars per day.

Shopping Center

Our ideal center is within 200 feet of the main road, located on an outparcel with approximately 10,000 - 20,000 SF of retail space. The center should have ample parking available, particularly at lunchtime. With respect to ingress and egress, the center should have a direct curb cut with signalized access from the main road. Finally, because a well maintained shopping center is more likely to attract customers, we prefer new or recently remodeled shopping centers.


The site should be highly visible from the road and contain fascia and pylon signage. Lenny's prefers an end-cap that is facing the street without obstructions. We also like locations that provide the option of a drive thru and/or patio seating.

Why Do Landlords Love Lenny's? (PDF 6.49MB)