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+ 2013 Press Archive
10/30/2013 Lenny’s Sub Shop Launches ‘Smoked Pork BBQ Sub’
07/02/2013 Lenny’s Sub Shop Highlights ‘All-American Classic’
04/01/2013 Lenny’s Sub Shop Announces ‘Under 500’ Menu Board Transitions
+ 2012 Press Archive
12/01/2012 Lenny’s Celebrates the Holidays by Giving Back
11/05/2012 US Small Business Administrator Karen Mills to Speak at Veterans Day Event
10/31/2012 Lenny’s Sub Shop Brings Mouth-Watering Subs to the Cornhusker State
09/21/2012 Lenny's hosting Facebook contest to honor teachers
08/28/2012 Restaurants Compete With Major Chains Through Facebook
08/28/2012 Maximizing the value of the social media fan
07/10/2012 Lenny’s Sub Shop Salutes Wounded Soldiers
07/02/2012 Midtown Crossing to Welcome Two New Restaurants
06/19/2012 Lenny’s Sub Shop Franchisee in San Antonio Secures SBA Loan
06/08/2012 Lenny’s Sub Shop Franchisee in Nebraska Secures $240,000 Loan to Open Shop
04/10/2012 Three’s Company: Lenny’s Sub Shop Introduces 3 New Sandwiches
04/02/2012 Lenny’s Sub Shop Introduces Delivery Program
03/20/2012 Three restaurant franchises plan Knoxville expansion
03/14/2012 How We Increased Our Facebook Following from 62,800 to 80,000 in One Week
02/15/2012 Lenny’s Sub Shop Attracts New Guests, Gives Every Facebook Fan FREE Sub
+ 2011 Press Archive
12/09/2011 Lenny's Sub Shop: All About Service
11/23/2011 South Tampa Man Wins Third Prize in National Sub Contest
09/30/2011 Lenny's first drive-thru expects 30 pct. uptick annually
09/29/2011 First drive-thru Lenny’s in Memphis area opens
09/01/2011 Lenny's Sub Shop opens near campus
08/07/2011 SANDWICH SUMMIT: Lenny's to host discovery day for potential owners
+ 2010 Press Archive
04/28/2010 Economic Stimulus: Lenny’s Sub Shop Introduces Rewards Program
03/25/2010 Economic Exposure: Lenny’s Fans, Food, Experience Don’t Waver
+ 2009 Press Archive
06/18/2009 Lenny’s Sub Shop to Reopen in Gallatin, TN
06/08/2009 Lenny’s Invests in Employee Training to Increase Restaurant Sales
+ 2008 Press Archive
12/05/2008 Leonard Moore, founder of Lenny's Sub Shop, passes away
12/04/2008 Lenny's Opens in Fayetteville, Arkansas
11/20/2008 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens in Ocean Springs
11/20/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Seeks Minority Franchisees
11/14/2008 Lenny’s Sub Shop Unveils `Economic Stimulus Package’
11/10/2008 Lenny’s Sub Shop Seeks Veterans, Franchise Development
10/14/2008 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens 29th Houston Location!
09/01/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Celebrates 10th Anniversary
04/11/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Opens Second Pearland Location!
04/01/2008 Lenny's Set for "Sub"-Stantial Growth in Atlanta
04/01/2008 Houston Market Adds 9th Franchisee for Houston!
03/10/2008 24th Lenny's Sub Shop Opens in Greater Houston!
02/22/2008 Double-Digit Sales, Rapid Franchise Growth Proves Nice Guys Finish First
01/31/2008 Lenny's Sub Shops Announces Winner of Hawaiian Getaway Sweepstakes
01/17/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine
01/17/2008 Houston adds 7th Franchisee!
01/08/2008 Lenny's Sub Shops Launch National Consumer Promotion
01/03/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Adds New Franchisees in Houston
+ 2007 Press Archive
11/27/2007 Lenny’s Sub Shop Launches Gift Card Program
11/19/2007 Lenny's Sub Shop Continues Houston Growth Plan
09/18/2007 Lenny’s Sub Shop to Open Five More Restaurants in East Tennessee
09/16/2007 Dramatic Growth for Lenny’s Sub Shops in Houston!
08/06/2007 Lenny’s Sub Shop to Open in Fayette County
06/27/2007 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens in Horn Lake, Ms.
06/11/2007 Lenny’s Continues Growth in San Antonio
06/01/2007 Lenny's Sub Shop Continues Aggressive Growth in Houston
03/28/2007 Lenny's Sub Shop Continues Aggressive Growth in Houston
03/28/2007 Lenny's Sub Shop to Hold Franchise Opportunity Day in Memphis, Tennessee
03/08/2007 Lenny's Sub Shop Takes Catering to the Next Level
02/05/2007 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens First Restaurant in Kansas
+ 2006 Press Archive
12/07/2006 Lenny’s Opens its First Sub Shop in Michigan
11/21/2006 Lenny's Hot Pepper Relish - Available Early December
10/23/2006 Lenny's Sub Shop Achieves Milestone in Growth
09/22/2006 Lenny’s Sub Shops select Cybera
07/24/2006 Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC Announces Executive Promotions
07/06/2006 Lenny’s to Open a Second Location in Cordova, Tennessee
06/14/2006 Lenny’s Sub Shop Goes North to Michigan
05/30/2006 Lenny’s Sub Shop to Open in Kansas
05/15/2006 Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC Establishes New Corporate Position
04/10/2006 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens the First Franchise in San Antonio, Texas
01/09/2006 Lenny’s Sub Shop to Open the First Franchise in San Antonio, Texas
+ 2005 Press Archive
10/24/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shop Veteran Franchisees to Open More Restaurants
09/06/2005 Lenny’s Establishes Disaster Relief Fund To Benefit American Red Cross
08/31/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shop of Cordova Launches Delivery Program
08/23/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shops Continues Growth in Houston Market
08/22/2005 Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC Adds More to Corporate Staff
08/18/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shops to Launch Innovative Kids’ Meal Program
07/13/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shops To Add An Additional Restaurant in Jackson, TN
06/29/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shops to Begin Serving Guests in San Antonio
06/09/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shop Continues to Grow in Mississippi
06/01/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shops Sponsor 2nd Annual Elvis® Film Festival
05/09/2005 Lenny’s Sub Shop Partners with Malco Theatres
04/26/2005 Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC Adds to Corporate Staff
03/14/2005 Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC Adds to Corporate Staff