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Lenny's Sub Shop satisfies with tasty subs, friendly service

March 24, 2011

by: SCOTT CHERRY World Scene Writer Tulsa World Magazine Thursday, March 24, 2011 Chris Brown said he got hooked on the food at Lenny's Sub Shop when he lived in Memphis, Tenn., where a man named Len Moore founded the restaurant in 1979. "I wanted to move back to Tulsa where a lot of my family lives and was looking for a franchise business to start here," Brown said. "I knew I liked Lenny's a lot in Memphis, so I looked into what it would take to put one in Tulsa." It all worked out, so Brown, along with his mother, Ginny, opened Lenny's Sub Shop in Fontana Shopping Center in 2003. It's a friendly place - employees yell out "Hello" to everyone who enters - and a good place to pick up a quick, tasty meal. The Philly cheese-steak hot sub (small $6.35, large $10.95) accounts for 40 percent of the sub sandwich sales, according to Brown, and it was a satisfying choice on a recent visit for an early dinner. A hot pepper relish gave the beef, grilled onions and American cheese a little extra flavor, and the bun was so soft it could have been steamed. We also were happy with the cold Italian sub ($6.35 and $10.95). This one was piled high with provolone cheese and four meats - ham, prosciutto, capicola and Genoa salami. The person who ordered this added tomato, pickles and a ranch dip. A soft white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie ($1.05) also was large enough to share for dessert. The dining room is bright and pleasant with six booths and six tables. Two televisions were tuned to NCAA basketball tournament games. Brown said catering has become a big part of his business. He can cater hot or cold dishes for crowds ranging "from 10 to 10,000." The routine at Lenny's is to order and pick up food at the counter, but waitstaff clear the tables.

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