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Lenny's Sub Shop is worth the extra dough

March 14, 2009

Christine Latona,
Charlotte Cheap Eats Examiner

Lenny's Sub Shop is worth the extra dough
March 14, 6:20 PM

Recently, four locations of Lenny's Sub Shop have opened in the Charlotte area. I was unaware of Lenny's history so I assumed that it was just another sandwich shop. Moreover, there are plenty of chains offering up specials on their foot-long subs, so I was in no rush to give Lenny's a try. The price of a sandwich at Lenny's is quite a bit more than say Subway or Quizno's.
But then the Yankee in me came out and wanted a really good Italian sub - or as I call it, a hoagie. An Italian sub should have capicola and prosciutto, but it is nearly impossible to find a sandwich shop with both meats. My Harris Teeter does not even sell capicola at the deli. The Italian Sub at Lenny's is comprised of ham, capicola, genoa salami, proscuitto and provolone, along with all the customary toppings. Lenny's also adds their signature hot pepper relish, made from diced whole cherry peppers. Lenny's completely satisfied my craving for an Italian sub. The hot pepper relish was a pleasant surprise since I usually stick with banana peppers. The relish is spicier than a banana pepper, but less than a jalapeno pepper, so it was just the right amount of heat to not take away from the flavor of the sub.
The subs at Lenny's are not cheap in comparison to other sub shops. However, the meat is sliced fresh, and the sandwiches are very large. A regular sub is 7.5 inches with a half pound of meat and cheese and a large is 15 inches with a pound of meat and cheese. A regular sub costs between $5.00 and $6.35. A large costs about $10.00 to $11.00. I ordered a large Italian sub expecting to eat half for lunch and half for dinner. The sub was cut into quarters, so I ate two of the smaller quarters for lunch. If I get hungry, I may be able to eat another quarter. So it looks like I will be having more capicola and prosciutto for lunch tomorrow. I would consider Lenny's a place for a special sandwich. However, the italian subs and the hot subs are definitely delicious and a step above. For a lighter bite, Lenny's has sandwiches served on a fresh baked roll with chips or a cookie for $5.50.
Lenny's opened its first store in Bartlett, Tennessee, though the founders ran a sub shop on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. There are now Lenny's store in 20 states, mainly in the southeast. For more information and to view the menu, go to www.lennys.com

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