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Daily Vista - Lenny's Sub Shops on growth streak

March 27, 2008

President details local strategy for DV

Lenny’s Sub Shops has plans to expand in several metro areas across the country this

The Memphis-based company expects to add about 25 locations in the Atlanta area over
the next five years, and is also targeting Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Orlando, Florida, and Washington, D.C. for further expansion.

Currently, Lenny’s operates about 160 restaurants in 21 states and expects to have about 190 in operation by year’s end. The company offers a range of sub sandwiches, hot sandwiches and salads. The company was founded in 1998 by husband and wife team Len and Sheila Moore.

DailyVista spoke with Lenny’s Sub Shops President Brent Alvord on the company’s growth streak and its marketing plans.

Lenny’s currently operates six locations in Atlanta. Alvord said that the company is looking at building new locations in suburban areas as well as the downtown Atlanta area later on this year.

“Some cities – like Atlanta – we already have some traction in, and we’re wanting to fill in the concentration there,” he said. “In other cities, we want to backfill and build a concentrated brand.”

For example, Alvord explained that Lenny’s currently has a presence in Tennessee, so the company is now taking steps to fill in its presence in neighboring states Ohio and
Kentucky. “It makes sense strategically to grow concentrically,” he said.

Franchisees also play a role in where Lenny’s develops a presence, Alvord said, citing one franchisee that loved the Denver area so much that he raised money and acquired the rights to open 40 locations in the city.

To entice consumers who may be unfamiliar with the Lenny’s brand, Alvord said that the company relies heavily on local marketing efforts and promotional activities.

“Recently we did a Fox Sports TV campaign and made sure it covered all of our markets,” Alvord said. “And in addition to that, we do a lot of trial coupon strategies. We knock on doors, invite people into our restaurants and give away platters.”

The company also employs direct mail to introduce consumers to the product, and provides trials to companies to drum up catering opportunities. The company also takes advantage of on-street advertising opportunities. For example, hiring people to hold signs at new locations.

Alvord said that as Lenny’s continues to expand in various markets, the company may be open to hearing from agencies that can assist in brand awareness activities.

“Especially those with local connections,” he said. “Most decisions are made by the
franchisee – they have a certain amount of money in their grand opening budget.

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