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San Antonio Express-News - Short Order: Lenny's Sub Shop

February 04, 2008

There are three Lenny's Sub Shops in San Antonio with a fourth coming Soon to Northwest Loop 1604. Clearly, somebody is doing something right.
On a recent visit to the 7836 Callaghan Road store, we found out that one of the plusses is service with a smile, as our friendly server explained The various differences in subs and sandwiches while trying to find a way for us to get the ham and Swiss sub we wanted, which is normally only available as a sandwich. Just drop the capicola from the Regular Sub and substitute Swiss for the advertised provolone, one of her co-workers suggested. It worked.

Another element we enjoyed is that the meats and cheeses are freshly cut For the cold sandwiches. That included the various cold cuts - ham, prosciutto, Genoa salami and capicola - on the Italian sub, which was also Brightened with a sprinkle of oregano. Plus, the cold sandwiches were made quickly.

A Mile High Turkey wasn't that tall. It didn't even make it to a Kilometer in height, but it boasted juicy turkey meat and provolone that was Actual cheese and not a rubbery, pasteurized processed cheese food substitute. The latter scored especially high marks in my book.

There are other touches, down to Lenny's own line of potato chips and The hot pepper relish used on the Philly Cheesesteak, that made this an above-average entry in the growing field of sandwich chains.

Not everything was perfect. The bread was lackluster, neither adding to Nor subtracting from the sandwiches, though we did appreciate the option of ordering wheat bread in addition to the standard white. And though we specified three times that we wanted the foot-long grilled hot dog Without cheese, it arrived, of course, with cheese. Still, the jumbo dog was hot and worked well with freshly grilled onions and mustard.

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