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The Katy Sun - Friendly service makes Lenny's the sub shop in Katy

March 22, 2007

In 1979, Len and Sheila Moore began selling submarine and cheesesteak sandwiches in their Sub King restaurant in New Jersey. Soon, their restaurant was a hit with tourists and locals who loved the great food and friendly atmosphere. Twenty years later, the couple opened the first Lenny's in Bartlett, Tenn., to put their daughter through college.

Just months ago, that investment - which was planned as a single-story restaurant - entered the Katy area with its location on the Grand Parkway.
Before then, specialty sub shops were quite rare in the area.

Lenny's, though, turned out to be a nice, flavorful surprise. The sub shop offers cold subs (most with provolone cheese), deli sandwiches and hot sandwiches - cheesesteaks and even a foot-long hot dog.

The meat is kept fresh in a refrigerator where guests order, and customers can watch the Lenny's sub maker cut the meat and prepare the sandwich.

What makes a sandwich nearly perfect or grotesque is the bread, and Lenny's bread is so moist you'd think you were eating sourdough bread. The wheat bread tastes similar to white bread - which is a blessing to those trying to stay away from the starches.

Among the highlights on the menu is the club sub, filled with provolone, ham, turkey, mayonnaise and crispy bacon.

It sounds like a typical "nothing special" sub until you sink your teeth
into it. Unlike other sub shops, Lenny's setup shows it makes the food's
freshness a priority.

If cold ham and turkey doesn't warm your soul, one of the cheesesteaks will.
While we've tried both, we prefer the grilled chicken Philly, just because it is healthier. Once you try both, it becomes a difficult choice.

The best part of Lenny's is the service. The mostly male staffers give a quick greeting to every customer who enters through the double doors. Even with hot sandwiches, the Lenny's staff takes mere minutes to get out the order, which you place near the sandwich-making line. Although it's not a full-service restaurant, the guys regularly help refill drinks and make sure the short stay there is as pleasant one.

One of the very few downsides is the price. Lenny's charges around $5-6 for a regular-sized sub and nearly $10 for a large sub. While the regular size can fulfill a typical appetite, tack on an additional $2 for a drink and chips and it averages out to around $8-9 a person.

Lenny's also caters sandwiches and party platters for business engagements.

The quality of the food has always soothed the appetite at Lenny's, and the courtesy and meal time - 20 minutes, tops - will keep those on the run coming back for more.

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