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April 01, 2006

U. City sandwich shops pile high the meat, cheese and all the fixins’

Do you know how the submarine sandwich got its nautical name? According to www.whatscookingamerica.net, Dominic Conti (1874-1954) was the first person to use the name “submarine sandwich.” Apparently, Conti witnessed the raising of a submarine hull from the Passaic River in New Jersey in 1027, and, upon seeing the vessel being hoisted into the air, he reportedly claimed, “It looks like the sandwich I sell at my store.” Yet another story places the birth of the submarine sandwich in New London, Conn. in 1926.

Which story is true? Who knows, but what is certain is that the proliferation of sub shops across the United States has given sandwich lovers an opportunity to try an ever-widening variety of meat-and-cheese combination.

Each sub shop claims its sandwiches are the freshest and tastiest. So, who is the winner in the battle of the subs? That’s up to you, and fortunately, University City has a host of sub shops for you to visit. For those companies with multiple locations in the area, be advised that store hours and prices may vary by location.

Lenny’s Sub Shop
8517 Davis Lake Parkway
The Shoppes at Davis Lake

Hours: 10:30 a.m.-9 p.m., seven days

What you can expect to pay: $4.50 (veggie regular)-$9.65 (15-inch Philly cheesesteak)

Lenny’s is the area’s newest addition to the fleet. “We are known for our sizable freshly baked bread and the abundance of meat on our sandwiches,” said Vinnie Centro, general manager. “The meats and cheeses are selected and packaged specifically for Lenny’s.” According to Centro, the most popular sub is the cheesesteak. “We serve them with an American/Swiss blend and sautéed onions on a 7 ½ inch or 15-inch roll. I’m sure people are noticing that our sandwiches are bigger than those offered by other sub shops,” he added. With freshly sliced meats and cheeses and some 13 toppings, Lenny’s is working hard to stand out from the crowd. “We make sure every customer is acknowledged. We are a neighborhood sub shop,” said Centro. “You’re not a number, you’re a face with a name.” U. City is the first store opened by owners Bridget and Jeff Larkin, who anticipate growing their franchise to 15 stores in the Charlotte area.

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