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Crittenden’s Restaurant Insider - The Fast-Casual Hot Half Dozen

July 24, 2006

Restaurants come and go, and the Restaurant Insider is filled with concepts looking to become the next big thing in the food industry. But what concepts are on the verge of hitting it big? Here is a look at the Restaurant Insider’s Hot Half Dozen, six fast-casual concepts on the verge of becoming household names. Separated by category, our picks are Taco Del Mar, Charo Chicken, the Whole Hog Café, Artuzzi’s, Lenny’s Sub Shop and L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.

Sandwiches: Len and Sheila Moore opened the original Lenny’s Sub Shop in Bartlett, Tenn., to finance their daughter’s college education and to satisfy their cravings for authentic subs and Philly Cheesesteak. Not only is the company believed to be the next Quiznos, executives from that sandwich company are joining Lenny’s. Texas Sandwich Investors Managing General Partner Steve Durst, a former Quiznos exec, will open 98 new stores in Dalas over the next seven years.

Why it works: Never underestimate a solid business plan. CEO George Alvord, with more than 40 years in the restaurant business, has set a solid plan for growth. While Subway might open one store for every 12,000 people and Quiznos might go one for every 20,000, Lenny’s wants one store per 40,000 people. The low cannibalization rate means more profits for individual store owners.
Expansion plans: Lenny’s now has 90 stores with 700 more sold. The goal is for 60,000 stores by 2012.

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