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April 18, 2005

Alan Spearman/The Commercial Appeal

George Alvord, CEO of Lenny's sub shops in nine states, is glad he's reached a level of success where he's able to give back to the community.

George H. Alvord


Title: Chief Executive Officer, Lenny's Franchisor LLC

Company: Lenny's Franchisor, LLC (Lenny's Sub Shops) is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant chains in the Southeast that's based right here in Memphis. Lenny's currently has franchises in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma and North Carolina and will soon be expanding into other states.

Date of birth: April 17, 1946

Hometown: Verona, N.J.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree from Central Missouri State University

Personal: Married, four grown children, five grandchildren

Civic involvement: Orpheum Board for 15 years, Fogelman School Advisory Board, etc.

The details

First job: Paper route at 8 years old

Most recent job: CEO of Dobbs International Services (Gate Gourmet)

Career highlights: Achieving a leadership level that allows me to contribute back to the community

Most satisfying career moment: Having the opportunity to help develop future leaders and see them achieve great success

Career advice: Focus on your goals and don't let other people or forces derail you along your path. Don't let others make you part of their agenda without knowing the consequences.

Person I most admire: My wife. She has led me to know the wisdom of patience; she has demonstrated that religion does come alive; and by example she has taught me the true meaning of love.

Hobbies: Golf, boating, RV-ing, outdoor sports, Grizzlies games

Last book read: "The Purpose Driven Life," by Rick Warren

Favorite film: Love old movies from '40s and '50s

Favorite vacation spot: The United Kingdom -- England, Scotland and Ireland

Change I would like to see: A more unified leadership effort to bring and keep businesses in the Memphis area

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