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Taste of the Ozarks
KY3/KSPR33 Ozarks
See how Lenny's makes its signature Philly Cheesesteak and
how to serve Hot Pepper Relish with cream cheese at your Superbowl Party.
January 28, 2013

Daytime @9
Lenny's featured in the Book of Free in San Antonio. Lenny's meats
sliced to order and authentic Philly Cheesesteak cooked to order. Lenny's has
the freshest sub sandwiches you can get.
November 20, 2012

San Antonio Living
San Antonio Lenny's in the Book of Free. Lenny's offers both cold sub sandwiches
and hot sub sandwiches including their signature Philly Cheesesteak.
November 19, 2012

St. Jude Walk
November 17, 2012

Fox News at 9
November 12, 2012

Morning Show
August 30, 2012

Lowcountry Live
August 15, 2012

Morning Show
August 10, 2012

Mid-Day Show Interview
41 Action News/KSHB-TV
June 6, 2012

Good Morning Memphis Interview
May 7, 2012

How Lenny's Sub Shop Builds Awareness via Social Media
Blogtalk Radio's Social Geek
February 2, 2012

Daytime at Nine Interview — Best of the Best Philly Cheesesteak Winner
January 20, 2012

Good Morning Memphis Interview
December 29, 2011

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+ 2013 News Archive
10/29/2013 Tampa Lenny’s auction to help disabled veterans play lacrosse
08/08/2013 Lenny's Sub Shop: Philly cheesesteak is the sandwich star at franchise shop
07/19/2013 Former FedEx VP Becomes a Top Franchise Owner
07/16/2013 Dining on a Dime: Lenny's Sub Shop Kaiser roll sandwiches less expensive
06/04/2013 Lenny's Sub Shop raises $720 for the 7th Special Forces Association
06/03/2013 At Lenny's: The "Under 500" Menu and the Black Bean Kaiser
05/07/2013 With new location Lenny’s launches low calorie menu
03/22/2013 Sub shop owner sees power of personality
03/01/2013 Soldier has attack plan for new sub shop
02/19/2013 Owner of local Lenny’s Sub Shop learns life happens when least expected
01/31/2013 IFA Marks One-Year Anniversary of Operation Enduring Opportunity
01/16/2013 Sub commander A retired FedEx exec builds a mini sandwich empire
01/11/2013 Restaurants counter payroll tax hike with service boosts
+ 2012 News Archive
12/26/2012 SUCCESS THROUGH CHARITY: Lenny's Sub Shop owner credits networking, charity
12/12/2012 Lenny's Gives to Needy This Holiday
11/06/2012 New sandwich shop open in Midtown Crossing
11/05/2012 New Lenny's Sub Shop has opened
10/31/2012 Special Ops Vetrepreneur Success Story: Sandwich Specialist
+ 2011 News Archive
06/15/2011 NEWONTHEBLOCK: Lenny's to open first Louisiana store
03/24/2011 Lenny's Sub Shop satisfies with tasty subs, friendly service
02/28/2011 Restaurant chains chomp at the social media space
02/22/2011 Lenny’s sub giveaway adds 40,000 Facebook fans in one week
02/18/2011 How to Triple Your Facebook Fans in Three Days
02/17/2011 Lenny's triples Facebook fans over three days
02/16/2011 Lenny’s Sub Shop to celebrate its Facebook fans
02/14/2011 Lenny’s offers free subs to Facebook fans
02/11/2011 Love is in the air: Lenny's launches huge Facebook promo
02/11/2011 Marketers use social media for Valentine promotions
02/11/2011 Lenny’s offering free subs for Facebook
02/11/2011 Valentine’s Day sub promo grabbing attention at UM
02/10/2011 For Valentine's, Memphis-based Lenny's offers free subs to Facebook fans
02/04/2011 Customers Rank Top QSR Chains
01/08/2011 Lenny’s Sub Shop offers fresh food, clean environment
+ 2010 News Archive
12/06/2010 Lenny's Sub Shop - A Deli Fresh Business Model
11/16/2010 Lenny's grabs guests with 3-D TV giveaway
09/25/2010 Glenn Schaible oversees Lenny's Sub Shops in Northwest Florida
09/12/2010 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens In Bentonville
08/03/2010 Auburn player opens sub shop in Alpharetta
07/07/2010 Lenny's Sub Shop owner wants to help community
06/20/2010 Former FedEx VP delivers tasty sandwiches instead of packages, Edith Kelly-
04/27/2010 Harrington: Helping youth with job skills
04/16/2010 Memphis sandwich-maker Lenny's is saturating local market
04/16/2010 Land of Lenny's
01/15/2010 Lenny’s sees more weekend, night sales at Peabody Place
+ 2009 News Archive
12/07/2009 Sub Shop Holding Fundraiser For Burned Teen
09/03/2009 Lenny's Sub Shop opening on Gay Street
03/14/2009 Lenny's Sub Shop is worth the extra dough
01/28/2009 Hot Dawg!
+ 2008 News Archive
12/03/2008 Couple Expands Sandwich Franchise Plans
10/24/2008 Get to Know Lenny's Sub Shop
10/20/2008 Old Memories, New Restaurants for Region
09/01/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Celebrates 10th Anniversary
08/05/2008 Lenny’s Sub Shop Opens in San Antonio
07/29/2008 YouTube - "The Lenny's Guy"
05/29/2008 Kansas City Business Journal
04/16/2008 Lenny's Sub Shop Franchisees Up and Running Faster with Cybera
03/27/2008 Daily Vista - Lenny's Sub Shops on growth streak
03/26/2008 Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Lenny's Sub Shops plans to expand
03/24/2008 The Daily Times - Blount County gets taste of Philly
03/16/2008 Detroit Free Press - Lenny's to grow in state
03/12/2008 Memphis Business Journal - Lenny's franchisees open Germantown location
03/03/2008 The Mississippi Press - Market Street is home to new sub shop
02/26/2008 The Jackson Sun - New Eatery
02/04/2008 San Antonio Express-News - Short Order: Lenny's Sub Shop
01/31/2008 Daily News Journal - Dining Out: Lenny's Sub Shop a Fresh Alternative
01/31/2008 Commercial Appeal - Fast-growing fast food
01/23/2008 Memphis Daily News - Lenny's Ranked By Entrepeneur Magazine
01/18/2008 Memphis Business Journal - Lenny's Cracks Franchise 500
+ 2007 News Archive
11/15/2007 Commercial Appeal - Lenny's Sub Partners Strike Recipe for Success
11/02/2007 Memphis Daily News - Lenny's Boosts Image Another Notch via Fox Sports
10/10/2007 Conroe Courier - Setting the Standard for Subs
10/01/2007 Nation's Rest. News-Lenny's Sub Shops Focus on Product Quality
09/25/2007 The Mountain Press - Lenny's Subs Plan Local Restaurants
09/18/2007 Memphis Business Journal - Group to Open Lenny's in East Tennessee
08/07/2007 Memphis Business Journal - Lenny's Expanding Into Fayette County
08/06/2007 Houston Chronicle - Moneymakers
07/06/2007 Commercial Appeal - Horn Lake Gets Lenny's
03/22/2007 The Katy Sun - Friendly service makes Lenny's the sub shop in Katy
02/02/2007 Sun Herald - A darn good sandwich shop
+ 2006 News Archive
10/31/2006 Commerical Appeal - 100 and counting
09/29/2006 Memphis Daily News - Lenny's Sub Shops Put On More Financial Girth
08/28/2006 Commercial Appeal - Sandwiching into all of life
08/21/2006 Memphis Business Journal - Lenny’s to open near U of M
07/24/2006 Crittenden’s Restaurant Insider - The Fast-Casual Hot Half Dozen
07/10/2006 Restaurant Insider - Upstart Sub Shops Slice Into Competition
07/07/2006 Commercial Appeal - Another Lenny's joins franchise
07/04/2006 On the Move – John Strand
06/23/2006 The News-Leader - It's worth the wait for these giant sub sandwiches
06/15/2006 Lansing State Journal - Lenny's push includes E. Lansing
04/01/2006 University City Magazine
02/23/2006 Commercial Appeal - A capital idea
01/02/2006 Press of Atlantic City - Sub shop providing taste of the shore
+ 2005 News Archive
09/29/2005 Commercial Appeal - Lenny's Sub Shop will deliver
09/12/2005 Nation's Restaurant News - No toys in Lenny’s ‘values-based’ kids’ meals
07/26/2005 Memphis Business Journal - Former Lenny's executive to open Florida shops
06/30/2005 Commercial Appeal - Lenny's will rise in San Antonio
06/15/2005 Lenny's in Hernando
04/18/2005 The Commercial Appeal - George Alvord - Mid-South Assets

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